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49 West Avenue, Willimantic, CT 06226


Hours: By Appointment Only

Father Honan Terrace &
Jonathan Trumbull Terrace

Father Honan Terrace and Jonathan Trumbull Terrace are state financed, garden style apartments for elderly and disabled residents. The rents are based on the greater of 30% of the household income or the minimum rent. Tenants pay their own utilities which includes electricity for heat, hot water and lights. A stove and refrigerator are supplied with the unit. There is a Laundromat on the premises and garbage removal is provided. The lease is month to month and may be terminated with a 15 day written notice. The security deposit is the greater of $100.00 or one months' rent.

Minimum rents:

Jonathan Trumbull Terrace �" Efficiency: $400.00
Jonathan Trumbull Terrace �" 1 Bedroom: $420.00

Father Honan Terrace �" 1 Bedroom (Single): $400.00
Father Honan Terrace �" 1 Bedroom (Double): $420.00